Same Day Crowns
The Problem

Badly decayed teeth Fractured teeth Teeth very weak due to excessively large fillings

The Solution

A crown (often called a cap) covers the tooth and restores it to its original shape, size, AND color. The crown goes over the tooth and seals at the gum line, safely locking in and protecting the remaining tooth structure. Having a crown done is a lot like having a filling done except the dentist will need to take a few impressions. At the end of the first appointment you will leave with a temporary crown that looks and feels like a natural tooth! A second appointment is required for the dentist to place the permanent crown, which was custom made in a dental laboratory. Having a crown down is quick, easy, and painless.


Crowns are incredibly strong and will protect and strengthen a tooth for years to come. Placing a crown on a badly broken or decayed tooth can often prevent the expense of a root canal therapy in the future. It can also prevent the possibility of an injured tooth from getting worse and needing to be removed, requiring the expense of a bridge or implant to replace the missing tooth.


In the event that a tooth is very badly decayed or broken it may need to be removed. In this case, the best alternative to a crown is either a bridge or a dental implant.

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