Wisdom Tooth Removal w/ Gentle-Ease™
The Problem

Impacted, partially impacted, or erupted wisdom teeth for which there is not adequate room. Impacted or partially impacted wisdom teeth can “try” to come in but with insufficient space they can force the movement of the other teeth causing severe crowding, requiring braces or undoing the work of previous orthodontic work. They can also partially erupt causing pain and infections. Erupted teeth with inadequate space are hard to keep clean and can lead to periodontal disease or cavities in the healthy teeth in front of them.

The Solution

Sedative or non-sedative, Non-invasive conservative removal of the wisdom teeth with “Gentle-Ease.” Gentel-Ease starts w/ a slow and superficial painless numbing technique that gets a patient 100% numb in a 15 to 20 minute period. This numbing is different than normal and lasts around 8 hours and slowly tapers off after that. The next step of Gentle-Ease is a conservative and gentle surgical technique for removing wisdom teeth combined with a prescription based protocol married to a unique home care regiment that results in much faster than normal healing times and substantially less pain and swelling post-surgery. Patients’ expectation should be 100% pain free during wisdom tooth removal. Most patients report discomfort levels of 3/10 on a pain scale at 24 hours after surgery or when numbing wears off.


Gentle-Ease wisdom tooth removal offers substantially less post-operative pain as reported by patients and for less of a duration than traditional techniques. Average pain reported at 24 hours is 3/10 on a pain scale. On average little to no discomfort is reported at one week post op appointments. Pain on the “day of” is virtually non-existent Healing more rapid than standard techniques. Less expensive than traditional wisdom teeth extractions because this technique is not involve costly IV “full sleep” sedation.


Referral to an oral surgeon for Full Sleep Sedation is a good alternative for patients who have severe anxiety.

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